Vehicle tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Automated vehicle tracking is something that every fleet operator dreams for, but depending upon the number of vehicles in your fleet, the investment may be large. Now you can experience our GPS based vehicle location services just for a month's time! If you feel our services are beneficial to you, fee for the trial period can be deducted from the actual purchase of the hardware.

Alternatively, you can use our unique pay-as-you-go model whereby there is no purchase needed and you pay on monthly basis only for the devices that you use and software features that are relevant to you.

LocateNTrack is a comprehensive vehicle tracking product that allows you to monitor your vehicles including cars, taxis, trucks, vans, buses, delivery vehicles, etc. Today, with ever rising fuel prices and carbon emission issues, efficient use of vehicles has become extremely important then it ever was. LocateNTrack offers mapping and reporting capabilities with the ability of monitoring routes from start to end 24x7 with tracking updates sent after every few minutes. The system sends real-time alert notifications in case of problems. To avail these features, all you need to have is