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Commercial trucks

Managing commercial fleets is an expensive, cumbersome and taxing work. The number of unknowns is so high, that in order to run a fleet successfully, it has to be monitored continuously and fine-tuned as you go ahead. Maven's indigenous solution allows you to remote monitor your entire commercial fleet. Our solution will give you the facility to monitor your fleet in real time, with accurate location services and fuel data that is accurate to 98%. Using the solution you will be able to make informed business decisions to improve the operational efficiency of your fleet.


Major problems that you face and we address are:

Above all, the most important issue is productivity of employees. The Global Productivity Report showed that 34 percent of employees' time around the world is spent being unproductive, this number can easily be adjusted upwards for mobile employees.


LocateNTrack is the perfect solution for fleet owners and managers looking to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and remote monitor their fleets. The solution is a GPS based, fuel and performance monitoring solution that has a GPRS connection to upload all the data in real time. the solution gives you full understanding of how your vehicles are being operated, and does not leave you at the mercy of the drivers.

Various benefits of LocateNTrack for transport fleet owners include:

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