Maven's indigenous solutions allow tanker fleet owners and managers to remote monitor their tankers. Tankers that can be monitored are oil, petrol, diesel, milk, industrial oil, chemicals etc. the tanker monitoring solution keeps track about whether the goods are tampered with, the fuel consumption of the tanker, and the location. All of this data is uploaded to the Internet via a GPRS connection, in real time. The solution will allow owners and manager to make informed business decisions, remote monitor tankers and prevent theft of fuel and goods.


Tanker services include long distance freight trucks and tankers to transfer oil, petrol, diesel, milk, industrial oil, etc. The main issue is of driver's trustworthiness for safe and reliable transfer of material. Deceitful drivers siphon the goods, increasing losses of the tanker service providers. The problems include:

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Maven's LocateNTrack is the perfect solution for remote monitoring your tanker fleet. The solution will not only provide you with location data, but also with fuel data with up to 98% accuracy. The solution updates all the data in real time, so you are completely aware of your tanker, and you can observe the data from your smart phone as well.

The various benefits include:

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