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Passenger bus tracking

Commercial bus fleets that run either intercity or on a national permit, cause a lot of concern for their operators. Maven's bus fleet tracking and monitoring solution is the perfect solution for such fleets, large or small. The solution enables fleet operators to remote monitor their entire fleet. The solution has GPS enabled location services and a GPRS connection to upload the data to the Internet. Thus you can monitor your fleets from anywhere, using nothing more than a smart phone application. The solution also gives the feature to monitor the fuel data of vehicles with up to an accuracy of 98%, even for moving vehicles.

We help you to monitor, control, analyze, and improve the efficiency of your transit fleet. You can make informed business decisions based on data that we provide.


Some of the common problems that an operator faces are:

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We provide two types of devices, the basic device and the advanced device. Read on to find out how each device can benefit you.

Low cost tracking device (basic device)

Important features:

Advanced device with rich feature set

In addition to all the basic features, the advanced device offers the following features:

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