Children / Teen tracking


There's nothing sadder than reading about a lost child in the newspaper or seeing the story of a child gone missing on the news. Also there is increasing threat of kidnapping racketeers especially at public places such as railway / bus stations or shopping complexes.

As the children grow up and get into their teens, parents worry a lot about their conduct and reckless behaviour. You definitely want to know where they are at all times, but how can you keep track of them without constantly calling their cell phones - a formula that would surely put you on bad terms with them.


Fortunately for parents there is a way to avoid mishaps or track juvenile teens using LocateNTrack's personal locator devices. You no longer have to sit home at nights praying that your teen gets home safely. These GPS based devices come handy and parents need not worry about safety of their children as they used to, in the past.

Salient features of LocateNTrack edition for children / teens are:

  • Real-time knowledge of where your children are at any moment.
  • Real-time alert notifications via SMS and e-mail in case the child / teen violates geo fence.
  • Sleek design so that the child can easily carry it around.
  • 12 hours of operational battery life with optional add-on battery packs.
  • Schedules can be set to save battery. In case you only need tracking during certain times of the day. However in case of emergency schedules can be overwritten just by sending an SMS.
  • Panic button can be provided which sends an instant SMS to parents about the emergency event and current locations.
  • Passive data recording and downloading the data to PC once a day or week.